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WARNING! This review contains spoiler, you may read it when you have watched the movie.


I will not compare this reboot movie with the precedent.

And, I review this in a woman perspective, so reader discretion is advice

Brief Story:

Dikarenakan suatu kejadian misterius, Peter Parker dititipkan orang tuanya ke Uncle Ben dan Aunt May, kemudian diketahui bahwa orangtuanya meninggal dunia. Peter sendiri tumbuh menjadi remaja yang cerdas, meskipun untuk itu ia harus puas menjadi ‘outsider’ di sekolah, yang bahkan tidak berani berbicara dengan gadis yang ditaksirnya, Gwen Stacy.

Sebuah barang peninggalan ayahnya membawanya ke Oscorp Industries, dimana ia bertemu dengan teman lama ayahnya, Dr. Curt Connors. Tak disangka, kunjungan ke Oscorp Industries ini juga sebagai permulaan dimulainya petualangan Peter Parker sebagai The Amazing Spiderman.

My Opinion:

Maybe it’s a little subjective, but I always love Andrew Garfield (he is now officially my celebrity crush. I officially ended it with Michael Cera yesterday). He was amazing as Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network or as Anton in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. He’s definitely an actor. As Spiderman, he is also amazing, he brings Spiderman looks more fun, even though for me his face is not ‘geek’ enough to be Peter Parker (and, also his fashion sense in the movie; hoodies + black slim-fit jeans + nike shoes = HOT, even hotter than red and blue spandex). Also, don’t forget about Emma Stone that stunning as Gwen Stacy, as usual she always brings her comedy sense in perfect fit.

Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy – love their awkward romance

Their chemistry is also flawless (despite the fact that they are real-life couple. CUTE to the max!!).

And, don’t forget Rhys Evans as the villain, Lizard, which completely embodies the character. The new characterization is refreshing and I’m glad that all characters are developing along the movie.

What I love from this re-boot is they make it totally different. From the characterization, the camera movement, the scoring, and they bring more humor in it. Look when Spiderman uses his phone to call Gwen in the middle of the street (in his custom, if I may add) or when he played Bubble Pop when he was waiting the Lizard to come out from his evil lair. And, the scene of Stan Lee appearance is hilarious!! Another thing that I like is there are a little twists and surprises in every scene.

Also, they bring the hero’s love interest into the fight. She’s trying to help Spiderman without any hesitation. And, don’t expect Gwen to be the hostage of Lizard to bail Spiderman to come out (as other superhero movies do, no mention), because it won’t happen. Eventually, all those things make Peter Parker as Spiderman cannot keep his promise to Gwen’s dad.

In conclusion, this movie is showing the Spiderman as a high school student, the one that would like to brag about their superpower, the one that still childish enough, the one that like to have fun and have a joke even when he’s fighting his enemy. Long story short, Spiderman looks more ‘human’. A definitely good job from Marc Webb.


  • My disappointment about this movie is the duration, which I think too long and some scenes are too much in slow pace.
  • I know that a death of one character is targeted to be the turning point of Peter Parker, but it seems too arranged.
  • Maybe some people will think this movie brings too much drama and teenage angst
  • There’s something wrong with the costume, which make me feel kind of uncomfortable when I see it. I think it’s too slim, but turns out that how Spidey has to look like


  • If you want to enjoy this movie, do not compare this movie with the precedent. Just enjoy the ride.
  • If you have some extra money, watch it on IMAX 3D. I believe you wouldn’t be disappointed.
  • Don’t move from your seat when you see Mark Webb name on the screen, there’s something interesting in the middle of credit tittle.

So, what are you waiting for, go to theater near you, grab some pop corn, and enjoy the amazing jump and swing with Spiderman!!!

Your Friendly Neighbour,


PS: Jangan bertanya kenapa saya mereview ini dalam bahasa Inggris yg acak kadut, saya sendiri enggak tahu kenapa



  1. yaa.. i agree the movie is too long and a bit boring IMHO, thanks to clumsy yet cute Peter Parker to help me survive until the credit title.

    but did u notice that some effects looks unreal?? unlike the other spiderman movies, i was shock when i saw, Garfields seems not yet ready when the sling pull him to show that he can do some acrobatic moves after he been bitten by cute neon spider heheheheh…

    but i loooveee this Peter Parker better than previous one. he’s a rebel, not brutally stupid like the previous one. and when he running away wearing red and blue spandex carrying backpack and using cellphone, it was sooooooo fuckin funny, he looks real, ugly and cute at the same time. the way he talk also not as dumb as tobey mcguire, but do you realize that this amazing spiderman cry a lot???

    • Hi, Ms. Diantitis..

      Kudos to the special effect thing… especially the burning car and when the gas spread out to Lizard… it’s definitely look so photo shopped.
      Maybe we have to blame Red-epic camera for the HD, so we can see the ‘true’ vision.

      Yes, right?!? He looks more ‘real’… cry a lot because he has burden from the past, missing his dad, cause the death of his beloved one… too much drama for a high school student.

      Thx for the comment though…

  2. I have nothin to say,but.. I loooooovee andrew and emma..hahahahaha.. The movie was quite good. But it was beyond my expectation. I didn’t expect that the Uncle Ben will be reincarnated! 😀 he died at first spidey movie, and thought I knew that was nothing to be related with any other spidey sequels, but It doesn’t make any sense,how did he live and died twice? :p
    Too much drama, peter is so GALAU,yes? Hahahaha.. Dikit” nangeess… XD..*gaksimpatik* fortunately I didn’t see too much kissing in scenes.. :p
    Once more, you got that rite about duration, boy.. Me neither. Too long duration which made my ass become so numb.. Hahahaha
    Ps: sorry for the bad- english grammar :p

  3. In the end, the death of Uncle Ben is still necessary to form Peter Parker’s characterization.
    Dan, gue rasa sah-sah aja klo si Peter Parker jadi galau dan dikit2 nangis… bukannya itu yang kebanyakkan dilakukan remaja jaman sekarang… apalagi yang pny masa lalu sekejam Peter… Dan, Mr. Garfield mengeksekusi-nya dengan sangat baik.
    By the way, except I’m-so-sad hormone, Peter also have another teenager hormonal problem… see how he always wants to kiss Gwen? hehehe…

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