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2010’s Movies that Impress Me!!


Happy New Year everybody!!!I hope all of us will have rockin’ 365 days in this Rabbit year!!

Jadi, karena ini tahun baru, saya akan mencoba untuk tidak menulis hal yang terlalu berat seperti postingan sebelumnya. Kita happy-happy aja…Hehehe…

Kali ini saya sebagai penggemar film akan mencoba menulis beberapa film yang membuat saya terkesan di tahun 2010… dan, sekali lagi saya katakan bahwa saya bukanlah pengamat film ataupun kritikus film, hanya penikmat film yang seneng nonton film. Itulah posisi saya dalam postingan ini.

Sebagai permulaan saya akan mengungkapkan sedikit kekecewaan saya terhadap film2 yang rilis di tahun 2010, selain film2 yang akan saya tulis di bawah ini, gak ada film yang buat saya terkesan sedemikian rupa gitu. Dari “Alice in Wonderland” yg trnyata biasa aja sampe Iron Man 2 yg endingnya garink. By the way, saya akan membuat penilaian dari film2 yang sudah saya tonton aja…jadi film2 di tahun 2010 yang belum saya tonton kyk “Somewhere”nya Sophia Copolla atau “Black Swan” yg digadang-gadang di Golden Globe atau “Let ME In” yg dibilang “well-made American Movie”  belom bisa saya masukkin karena emang saya belom nonton filmnya. Dan, jika nanti saya udah nonton dan ternyata cukup memuaskan buat saya sebagai penikmat film, maka listnya akan di-update deeeeeh…

Okey, tanpa perlu basa-basi lagi yang nanti malah bikin jadi basi…inilah beberapa film yang bisa saya nikmati yang dirilis sepanjang tahun 2010, not in particular order:

1. Easy A = if we talk about movie that really enjoyable for me this year, this movie just directly pop out from my mind. Yap, “Easy A” is simply entertaining, fresh, funny, smart and even make me want to watch “The Breakfast Club” once again, don’t forget the fresh and youth-feeling soundtrack that fill every scene of this movie. This movie is a prove that when you talk about virginity, you can talk with smart and hilariously funny dialogue… you can laugh about it. Some Indonesia movie maker need to learn from this movie…

2. Inception = I know this movie is a serious case, you need 100% concentration when you watch it, but C.Nolan makes a fresh idea to Hollywood. This movie is mind tricking with a lot of twisted plot. And, what I like more about this movie is the fact that this movie can pop-out a lot of perception for the ending (and, the story itself). Everybody have their own argument about whom incept whom, when they actually come out from the dream-world. There’s a lot of things to discuss and that’s what make this movie is so great for me.

3. Kick-Ass = you know what popular kids, this movie is kicking your ass!! You can see now that being popular is nothing, all heroes are come from GEEK!!! Yeah, GEEK for the World!! Okay stop with I-Love-Geek thing, I like this movie because it is not a kind of superhero movie with a lot of effects, but for me it’s really human-that-can-be-hero..for him self. FYI, I like movie with R-Rated violence and that’s the main reason why I like this movie and even have a dream to be Hit-Girl for a day!!

4. Shutter Island = When I posted how awesome Shutter Island is on my Facebook status, many of my friends were disagree because they think this movie is boring to death and even made them can not hold their eyes to open. But, for me (not just because I’m a Leo DiCaprio fans since 6th grade), this movie is a very good movie. Well, maybe it’s not Martin Scorsese’s best, but it’s thrilling. And, I always like a movie with twisted plot and twisted ending that can twist your mind. When I watched this movie for the second time, it makes me like it more because now I understand every meaning of the dialogue (especially, Sir Ben Kingsley’s dialogue). And, for the ending, one of my friend said it’s a bad ending, the unclear one…well, it’s not…it’s just give you chance to interpret the ending by yourself

5. Social Network = this movie blows my mind…make me feel sympathy to the friendship between Mark and Eduardo… even though some people say that this movie is not 100% accurate, but in my opinion this movie show us how greed make a spot in 7 deadly sins. Also, I like how Eisenberg plays as a cynical Zuckerberg that deeply inside has a passion for wealthy and fame. I don’t know whether my perception is precise or not, but that’s how I see Zuckerberg in this movie.

6. Scott Pilgrim vs The World = Crazy Fun Fast Experience!! (wrong grammar, I know). This movie is fast paced, sometimes melancholy, but it’s definitely funny and exciting!! The dialogue is super cool even without trying to be cool!! And, the character is build pretty well. Long story short, this movie is a very fun Roller Coaster ride!! Oh, yeah don’t forget the soundtrack… especially the song “I’m so Sad, so very very Sad…” ROCKzzz!!!

7. Youth in Revolt = Well, I like this movie because it’s simplicity of love story and  the fact that this is not a cheesy teenage rom-com. It’s a teenage rebellion that looking for true love, even when you need to be an arsonist. And, I like how Michael Cera come out from his shell as a geek specialist and become more rebel like Francois. Also, the animation is kind of cute, though.

Okay, that’s it!!! Hahaha… Sekarang baru 7 sih yang mengena di hati, tapi seperti saya bilang sebelumnya, masih ada beberapa film rilisan tahun 2010 yang belum saya tonton, termasuk “Love and Other Drugs” dan “Blue Valentine” yang keduanya jadi nominasi buat Golden Globe. Oia, juga ada “Tangled” dan “Buried” yg blm sempet saya tonton karena keterbatasan waktu.

Terus kenapa, Harry Potter 7 Part 1 gak masuk list…alasannya adalah karena film itu sudah jelas kehebatannya dan itu tidak perlu diragukan lagi!!

Oia, dr list di atas pasti tahu dunks klo saya penggemar Leo DiCaprio, tp ulasan di atas murni karena filmnya looooh..bkn krn saya fans dia.

Michael Cera

Terus, saya juga penggemar Michael Cera, and maybe I have a fling on him..he maybe my celebrity crush!! Hahaha… I like him since “Superbad” and he’s so cool in “Juno”. He even makes me like Orange Tic Tac. I thing I adore his geeky look. GEEk Rulezzz!!! Yeaaahhh!!

Dan, klo ada yg bingung kenapa gak ada “Twiligh Saga:Eclipse”, jawabannya simply karena saga ini memang harus dihancurkan, bahkan dgn the-boy-that-used-to-be-Cedric Diggory, this saga can not be saved from the wall of LAME!!

Yap, yap, that’s it!! I hope you like this posting and I’m sorry if my English is a mess…I’m not a native speaker you know…

Well, do you have different list or totally disagree with my list? Share with me in the comment…

May the Force be with you…

Febi =D



  1. makasih udah mampir di blog gue. dari semua film diatas gue baru nonton kick-ass yang, damn, gokil banget. gue suka akting cewek kecil disini. great story. bukan kek film-film superhero lainnya. disini sosok superhero lebih down to earth meski endingnya, yah, kahas hollywood

  2. Thank’s juga udah mampir di blog gw… ^o^

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